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Our Yearly Contributions to our Clientele and the Community We Serve

Family Day in the Park 

Family Day in the park socializes and exposes our clients to things that are not readily available to them. While giving them and their families a day free from their norms. (Held between March and April)

End of the School Year Fieldtrip

This field trip is held every year when the kids get out of school again doing this allows us to teach our kid clients how to socialize in the public and to be aware of what socially acceptable and what. (Held in May or June)

Back to School Bookbag Drive

This event helps to ensure that each of our clients have the necessary tools they need to have a successful school year. Many times our partnered schools reach out to us for help because the children enrolled there come back to school without the needed supplies. (Held right before the kids go back to school).

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