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Our Yearly Contributions to our Clientele and the Community We Serve Continued

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Thanksgiving Food Drive

Our Thanksgiving food drive is usually prepared for anyone that in need and our budget allows for, we usually start preparing for this event early August to ensure we've made preparations for those on our list.

Allstar Kids Christmas

This event is very special to Natasha as she remembers being on the receiving end as a child. She always makes this event a priority no matter what financial hardships the agency may face. She believes that this is the one event that she can actually see how what she's doing within the agency is impacting those that we serve. We normally start preparing for this early July

Allstar Staff Christmas Party

This event is the last major event of the year. This is her way of showing her staff how much she truly appreciates all that they're doing to make a difference in the lives of their clients and their families. 

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