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About Us

About Allstar Community Care


The Mission of Allstar Community Care is to help not hurt those in need of our services and to meet the behavioral health and mental health needs of children, adolescents, their families, adults and geriatric clients in the lease restrictive, most normal and natural environments.

Allstar Community Care hopes to transform the lives of those we service by offering hope and opportunities for wellness, and independence; by using the most efficient and effective, most positive strategies we can devise, by being respectful of the clients we service and cultural values that will foster a unique bond at home and in their perspective communities, while simultaneously balancing each recipients individual need for support, supervision and protection, with dignity and respect to normal development.

 Our vision is to meet the behavioral health needs of individuals ages 4 and up by providing services to increase healthy functioning in their families, workplace, school and communities. We seek to actively promote awareness and to educate the Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes about behavior health and mental health illness and advocate for those who are diagnosed with either of these diagnosis, through active engagements in educational programs, community events workshops and seminars.

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